About Brad

About Me

I am a licensed attorney, having graduated from Northwestern Law School in 2009.

After graduating, I led CPS’ anti-gang task force, in which we developed and launched three initiatives:

Culture of Calm

Culture of Calm implemented several initiatives, such as restorative justice and in-school suspension, within 40 high schools.

Safe Passage

Safe Passage continues today and supports student safety through safe walking routes between gang boundaries.


Wrap-around mentoring for 10,000 students most at risk of becoming victims of gun violence.

Currently, and for the past 7 years, I co-lead a locally headquartered education business, Academic Approach.

In addition,

  • I am an elected community representative on the LSC for Lincoln Park High School (in which I focus on security, facilities, and budget).
  • I am an elected director of my Lincoln Park neighborhood association, in which I am closely involved in our neighborhood safety.
  • I am a member of the Old Town Triangle Association Safety Committee.
  • I am an advisory board member of the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center.

But my favorite role by far is husband to my wife, Dr. Hayley Silver, and as a parent to our two young adorable children.